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Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.37.42 PMDid you know you could increase web traffic AND make money with by incorporating YouTube in your business? The world of social media can be a confusing and scary place and the world of You Tube can be even more confusing! But if you are not using video for your business or blog you are missing out on a huge opportunity for exposure. If you visit a webpage that has a page of text and a video you will be more likely to click on that video than read the words. We are a ‘need the info fast and easy’ society and video provides fast and easy.

There are several videos available online on how to use YouTube but they don’t offer a one-on-one help service where you can ask questions and get your specific needs addressed. Download our Information PDF here

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  • Time is money! Save tons of time by having Laura help you set up your account and show you the ins and outs of YouTube.
  • Send visitors to your site! Learn how to increase your web traffic and get people talking about your business!
  • Learn how to generate sales with video!
  • Learn how to use the video editing feature of YouTube to add spark to your video content!
  • Learn how proper avatars and layouts benefit your business
  • And much, much more!
Need help with video editing? Laura can help with that too!
  • Basic video editing – adding pictures, editing clips together, adding logo etc
  • Audio issues. Help with hiss in background, pop or crackles in the video and more.
  • Turing audio files into video files so you can upload to youtube.
  • Have any other video questions. Email Laura today to see if she can help you!

Laura Berg is one of the foremost experts in using YouTube for branding, business and blogging.  She has successfully taken her company international with an expertly navigated YouTube campaign. With over 80 million views and counting, Laura has built a strong and internationally recognizable brand, with over 200+ instructors worldwide! Because of the fame she has built using You Tube Laura secured a major US book deal with Avery books, a subsidiary of Penguin NY and is now the author of The Baby Signing Bible. Laura is a renowned speaker on YouTube offering helpful advice and information at conferences around the world. Visit her topics section today to see some of the talks she has given.

Now she wants to pass on her expertise to you!youtube consulting

Laura is now offering You Tube consulting where you can book time with her to get the one-on-one help you need to successfully use You Tube to grow your brand, business or blog! Whether you are a beginner who needs help with setting up an account to an advanced user who needs guidance to effectively grow your brand on You Tube Laura is here to help! If you are an entrepreneur, blogger, business or conference organizer Laura is here to share her passion with you! Contact Laura today for more information on how she can help with your specific needs.

Example topics/services:
  • Setting up a You Tube account
  • Creating an uploading a professionally looking banneryoutube consultant
  • Uploading an avatar.
  • Creating tags and appropriate SEO titles for your videos
  • Analyzing your video analytics to help with sales and creation of other videos
  • Using the video editing feature of You Tube
  • Effectively using annotations
  • Ideas on creating good video content
  • How to market your video to boost numbers
  • These are just example topics that Laura can help with.

Email Laura to see if she is the right fit to help you in your video marketing endeavors!

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Laura Berg is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by YouTube or Google, Inc. in any way.

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