Take Charge of Your Life

Stop living in the past by thriving in the present. Become more confident, stop self-sabotaging and change your life. Use this book as a step-by-step guide while you learn the tools to live your best life, no matter the cards you are dealt.


Learn how to take charge of your life and transform the way you view yourself, your relationships, and your experiences with this unique reference.

Each chapter discusses a specific issue that many people struggle with such as defining one’s own happiness, dealing with rejection, and setting limits in relationships. With practical tips and a step-by-step approach to help find what makes you happy, you will learn to stop selling yourself short and how to rise above anything that life throws at you.

This Self-Help Book Contains Chapters to Guide You Through:

  • Not being afraid to ask for help
  • How to match your words to your actions

  • Dealing with and recovering from toxic romance

  • Learning to overcome rejection

  • Stop comparing yourself and your life to others

  • Being able to spot toxic friends
  • Define what truly makes you happy

  • How to make good relationships last

  • Handling toxic family members

  • Letting go of experiences in the past

A picture of self-help author, Laura Berg: a white woman with red hair and blue eyes, wearing a black shirt and standing in front of a grey background.

About the Author

Laura Berg is an author, trained therapist, public speaker, award-winning parenting expert, and founder of My Smart Hands. Having lived with depression herself since she was 16, her journey to becoming an expert has been long, but personal. Her interest in deepening her understanding of mental health began when her daughter was diagnosed with depression. Within this research, Laura discovered effective tools and strategies to help her own mental health issues as well as support her daughter. In her self-help book, Thriving Life, she shares these tools with you.

Berg has written a thoroughly engaging and helpful book. It is packed with advice I wish I heard much earlier in life. The title is perfectly suited to this book – if you want a Thriving Life, I highly recommend reading this book. Laura: you are an inspiration based on everything you have overcome to create the incredible life you have today. Thank you!

- Ann Gomez

This book has saved me on so many levels. It’s a must-read when you feel lost, confused and don’t know where to begin. Examples from the author’s personal life make the content relatable and inspiring. I love that the book is broken down into multiple chapters that don’t need to be read in any particular order. You can jump to the topic that is most relevant to your current life situation which is extremely helpful.


Helped me to understand some of my struggles. I think Berg did an amazing job by laying a simple and clear path to understand how to heal and/or seek help. Step by step, sharing her own experiences. So interesting and relatable. I recommend this book to whoever is looking to start a thriving life. Thank you Laura! You’re amazing 👏🏽

Ready to start thriving?

This self-help book is step-by-step approach to help you set boundaries, deal with rejection, and discover what makes you happy.