The 21st century is an open gateway for all types of entrepreneurs. We met the solopreneurs, the mompreneurs, and technopreneur, to name a few. Along with that, we cannot deny the fact that the business world’s stage is now filled out by many other kinds of entrepreneurs – product-preneurs, localpreneur, intrapreneur, extrapreneur – you name it – Mr. Webster may have it all for you!

But what really comprises an entrepreneur? Generally, they are inventors. They accept challenges. They are business marketers.  They have impeccable people skills. Overall, if you know what molds you as an entrepreneur, you will be fully equipped to drive your business to success.

Let us learn some types of entrepreneurs and see which of them best describes you as an entrepreneur. If you want to adopt a certain type, here are some great suggestions:

The Chess Player

In the business game, they are the ones who are 2 or 3 steps ahead of the game. Just before their competitors act on something, they have found ways to be on top of the game. The chess players start a company with a vision in mind. Their positive energy repel bad vibes and investments. Because of their success, their companies are most frequently flocked by the best and the brightest talent, leading to more and longer success.

How to be a chess player:

A business mapping tool like Mapline will help you view your business and make a move before any competitor does. Try plotting your customers’ data and competitors’ data on a map. You will find a handful of great options. Their geographical locations say a lot about different opportunities that can be used as sales and marketing strategy, customer connection, and many more.

The Opportunist

The Opportunist is the type of entrepreneur who always speculate. They don’t run out of options. When creating Plan A, they always have plans B (sometimes up to Z) for a fall back. They want to make sure that everything is at the right place at the right time. This is a good type because it results to time effectiveness and labor efficiency.

How to be an opportunist:

Warriors do not go to wars with only one weapon. They carry many different weapons. They have a back-up plan. Likewise in business, as you start creating your business plan in Day 1, make sure that you also have created Plan B. If the plan was not able to deliver on time, or there are factors that affect the business that are unplanned, you still get to accomplish your goals.

The Specialist

This type of entrepreneur joins only one industry, realized that they found a perfect place on it and stick to it for a very long time. They build strong partnership and expertise. However, since they have been on the business for many, many years, their downside is the monotony. Also, since customers are always looking for new things, they need to adapt to changes to help their business survive.

How to be the specialist:

Even if you are in the industry for 10, 15, 20 years or more, there are still a lot that you can do to retain loyal customers and attract new market. Always have some things new to offer to help you break monotony. Most of the time, change is good in business. Make sure that you change your moves, your marketing strategy, and your operations to make sure that what you offer is always the top of the line.

The Innovator

The innovators have a rabid curiosity for all things interesting. They always fuel their “What if” questions and never become satisfied with the answers. Hence, they tend to innovate – much to their advantage. The challenge that they always face is to focus on business realities while not neglecting the product possibilities. As they innovate, they try to focus on creating products and services that solve the needs and problems of their target market.

How to be the innovator:

It’s a cliché to say that business is all about the customers. And it never rang any truer. So invest time learning about your customers. When you find the answers to their “what” and “how”, you will likely present to them the best products/services to fill their needs.

What type of entrepreneur are you? What type would you like to be?