I must admit I love going to conferences. I love meeting new people and the unexpected relationships that form as a result of attending. I have either attended or spoken at over 20 conferences in the past two years and the amount of stories and connections I come away with always blows my mind!
When I first started attending conferences many years ago, before I became a speaker, I was nervous and shy. I would go and sit in the back of the room feeling like a kid on my first day of high school – hoping someone would talk to me. I hated that feeling and I hated going because I was so shy. Then I realized that I was being closed off and unapproachable. I had to sometimes be the one to initiate conversations. Maybe everyone else was feeling the same way I was and needed me to make the first move.
All it takes is a hello. When attending a conference just walk up to someone and say hello and introduce yourself. You’ll find the conversation will start to flow from there.
I will be attending an upcoming conference in Toronto – The Art Of Small Business – on Oct. 21st  at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The speaker lineup is fantastic! I love going to conferences not only to hear the speakers but also to meet the amazing attendees that will be there. If you are planning on going please feel free to shoot me an email or tweet me at @LauraBergInc and we can meet up and network together!


If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner this is a great conference for you to be at. Come and make great connections! And if you are reading this as a friend/reader bonus I have a discount code for the conference. Just enter code TWITTERFAN when making your purchases for $50-100 savings. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @TheArtOf and follow the hashtag #TheArtOf