Example topics:

These are just example topics. Laura can modify her topics based on your needs. She is an expert in YouTube (social media), marketing, small business, entrepreneurship, overcoming hardships to reach success, motivational talks to High School, College or University students and more! Don’t hesitate to contact Laura to discuss your event needs.

YouTube Gold – How to Brand Yourself Using Video Marketing – (Social Media/Marketing/Business)

(Topic list – social media, branding, business, marketing)



Did you know that YouTube has an estimated 92 billion page views every month? Learn how to use video to enhance your business content and drive traffic with interesting podcasts, demonstrations and tutorials. Learn how to get started, ideas on content, how to engage viewers and gain views, customize and monetize your content to maximize your success with this search engine giant. Learn from Laura Berg, one of You Tubes successful brand builders with over 21 million views and gaining 400,000 every month. Laura has recently joined the famous Maker Studios as one of their Moms’ View moms. She knows how to harness the power of You Tube to grow a brand, connect and create conversations. You will leave this session with the confidence to tackle You Tube!

Major presentation points:

Why use You Tube for business

  • People search YT for tips and information
  • Gain a competitive advantage – demo your products or services
  • Show your customers you are the industry leader
  • Find new potential customers

Setting up an account

  • How to do it.
  • Important things to consider before setting up an account.

You Tube Partner Program

  • It’s free!
  • Benefits of joining.
  • Why to join from day one.
  • Tools you get when joining the partner program .

Analytics of You Tube video viewing

  • How to read and use this information to target your customers/viewers.
  • The importance of checking this info and why.
  • How You Tube analytics can benefit your business and guide the content you create.

Making videos

  • Info and ideas for people who don’t know how to make videos.
  • Resources available.

Coming up with ideas

  • Showcasing a product- ideas on how and what to do.
  • Showcasing a service – what do you do? Is there a key person in your organization you can interview?
  • Do you have something you can teach people?
  • Can you interview people?
  • Video testimonials.
  • Creative ideas for videos.

Dos and Don’ts of video

  • Practical advice on shooting – lighting, sound etc.
  • Video length – keep video short but making the first 15 seconds grabbing.
  • If video is long consider breaking it into parts.

Live demo on how to use You Tube

  • Where to find the analytics and how to read them.
  • How and why to add annotations.
  • What to put in the video description – external links helpful with SEO.
  • Importance of video tagging.

Questions from audience

The Entrepreneur In You! – (Motivational/Entrepreneur)

(Topic list – business, entrepreneur, motivational, inspirational, branding)



Many of us may have a great business idea but are unsure of how to get it off the ground. What steps to take, when and where to invest our money, whether the idea is a viable idea etc. But the ultimate struggle is believing in yourself and believing that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If you have a passion for a business idea then you can turn that passion into reality! In this session Laura

Berg, founder of My Smart Hands Inc, author of The Baby Signing Bible and Maker Studios You Tube talent will share her expertise with you. Laura started her company from her home with minimal financial output. She has turned My Smart Hands Inc. into an international success that is known world-wide. You will leave this session motivate, inspired and with great ideas on how to get your business up and running!

Major presentation points:

My story
-How I got started (My Smart Hands was not my first business idea)
-I have zero business background – If I can do it anyone can!
-Living my dream and loving what I do because I am my own boss.
-My hardships that I was able to overcome because I believed in myself

You have an idea now what?
-Business plans- do you need them?
-To partner or go it alone

How to get started
-Creating a website on the cheap- tools I’d recommend and why
-Naming your business- checking for other similar names, thinking of the future and trademarking
-Incorporating vs sole proprietor
-Bartering with other businesses for services or products is a great way to get your business off the ground.

Marketing on the cheap
(this will take the bulk of the talk – important for entrepreneurs to use these free tools!)
-Social media and why all entrepreneurs need to use it.
-Brief overview of Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and YT and the different uses for each.

Networking and the importance
-Networking with other women run businesses online via Twitter.
-Going to Tweet-ups to meet in real life
-Joining a ‘meeting of the minds’ group

Legal aspects of business
-Contracts are important even when doing business with friends.
-Things to consider when starting your business that may not be obvious.

Questions from audience

If You Do Nothing, Nothing Happens (Inspirational)

(Topic list – motivational, inspirational, high school, college, university, mental health)


To see her now, you would not guess that this wildly successful entrepreneur started out with the odds against her. Laura came from a broken home, poor background and had a bad attitude. She almost flunked out of high school in grade nine, failing six out of her eight courses. She walked through life with a big chip on her shoulder until she found an amazing mentor in her guidance councilor who helped turn her attitude, and life around.

However, while at University, Laura’s mom became seriously ill and it was almost too much for her to cope with. Again, she nearly flunked out of school with an average score in the 50s. Deciding to be the author of her own story and not just a reader, she dug deep and found the strength to finish her undergraduate studies with honors. When it came time to consider post-graduate studies, Laura decided to go into teaching. She applied to several programs in Canada and got rejected by all of them. Refusing to admit defeat, she applied to and got into a US school. She traveled to New York every weekend for a year to complete her studies and gain a Master’s degree in Education.

After teaching for a few years Laura became a mom. In order to spend more time with her daughter, Laura decided to work for herself and took the leap into entrepreneurship. Having no business background nor coming from an entrepreneurial family this was initially a daunting task. Laura did a soft launch of her baby sign language business in September of 2006 and by October she realized her business idea just wasn’t taking off. She had two options at this point, give up and go back to teaching or figure out a way to ‘make it happen.’ Laura got a part-time babysitting job to help pay the bills until her business picked up. She persevered, worked hard, believed in herself, and by January 2007 her business turned the corner and she was able to quit babysitting and devote herself full time to her new career.

A major turning point in Laura’s life was when she let go of the idea of what success is based on the general definition that society has always taught us. She realized that she needed to define what happiness was to her. By measuring success not by material things but by being able to spend time with her family and travel, she found happiness. Money and status followed organically through the passionate work she was doing. Laura now has one of the largest baby sign language companies in the world. She grew her business from a one-woman show out of her home to an internationally successful brand with over 200 instructors worldwide. She is a YouTube superstar with over 27 Million views and growing. Her YouTube channel is managed by Maker Studios, the number one YouTube network in the world, which was recently purchased by Disney. Google actively sough Laura out and invited her to their offices for training – she now holds a YouTube certification in audience development directly from Google. She has won many business awards and been recognized in the media all over the world as a successful entrepreneur. She speaks at conferences around the world sharing the stage with such people as Deepak Chopra, execs from Disney, IBM, Blackberry, Hallmark and more!

Laura has faced many roadblocks in her life where she could have admitted defeat but her ‘can do anything’ attitude helped her grow into the world-renowned successful entrepreneur she is today. Laura’s rise to happiness and success is directly linked to her willingness to face things head-on and ability to change the negative to a positive. Where some people see obstacles she only sees challenges.

Laura’s positive attitude is a learned behavior. Her success is due in large part to her willingness to say yes to more opportunities. When you say no, you are closing doors. By saying yes, you are doing something. Opportunities lead to more opportunities. Everything about Laura today is a testament to being open to things – even scary things, that might further her business. Not only did she face the possibility of rejection in front of a national audience on the show Dragon’s Den (like Shark’s Tank in the U.S.), she endured and ultimately triumphed over an expensive lawsuit by her (now former) best friend.

Laura engages and inspires her audiences with her honesty, her open heart and her humor. She imparts not only her entrepreneurial experience, but also her methods of coping when faced with adversity. Laura shares with her audience a Nietzsche quote and how she has used its lesson to overcome her toughest battles.

“At a certain moment in Nietzsche’s life, the idea came to him of what he called ‘the love of your fate.’ Whatever your fate is, whatever the heck happens, you say, “This is what I need.” It may look like a wreck, but go at it as though it were an opportunity, a challenge.
If you bring love to that moment – not discouragement – you will find the strength is there. Any disaster that you can survive is an improvement in your character, your stature, and your life. What a privilege! This is when the spontaneity of your own nature will have a chance to flow. Then, when looking back at your life, you will see that the moments which seemed to be great failures followed by wreckage were the incidents that shaped the life you have now. You’ll see that this is really true. Nothing can happen to you that is not positive. Even though it looks and feels at the moment like a negative crisis, it is not.”

Small Town Feel on a Global Platform – (Inspirational/Motivational)

(Topic list – motivational, inspirational, community, connections, business, entrepreneur)


This is a ‘feel good’ motivational talk. Some of the points highlighted are the following:

  • The one thing the I’ve discovered growing my business is the importance of being authentic to my brand and making REAL connections to gain credibility in business.
  • What the internet has done is allow people an open platform to discuss you as a brand/business without a filter.
  • As a business person you have to realize the importance of being a GOOD business and making real personal connections with people. “The small town feel on a global platform”. This is what people want! In a world of increasingly impersonal customer service. they want to feel that they matter.
  • In my experience, I’ve had better luck contacting and communicating with businesses through social media vs their info email addresses. I believe this is because businesses are realizing the importance of being a good business and giving good customer service or they will be called out publicly (and without filter from them).
  • Because of the internet, people are no longer willing to take companies at their word. In the past we’ve been TOLD what to believe. Now we are beginning to question it and to expect and demand more from the people we do business with.
  • I’ve build a credible brand, slowly at first, through being authentic. I am my brand. People relate to me and like me because I stand behind my brand.
  • I’ve made decisions that are people based versus profit based because of who I am as a person but also because this is what business needs to do. The internet is an online community that connects all of us.
  • The transparency of the internet is requiring businesses to change the way they think. It’s not always about money, it’s about people. When you put people first, the money will come.
  • Many of the people whose lives I have touched found my videos on You Tube. With 24 million views I’ve been able to touch a lot of lives. I have been able to do so because I post videos for free. Videos of me and my life and my business CONNECT me with my audience, my clients. I am forever PRESENT, standing behind what I do.
  • I started my business by posting videos on You Tube. I had NO idea what social impact I’d be able to make. I never realized I’d be able to change lives in a meaningful way by simply sharing what I do. It is important not only to BE good but also to DO good and social media is a force for social change.
  • I am a mom who started a business because I wanted to stay at home with my daughter. My business background was minimal when I started. I was able to grow this one woman show into a huge, international company on my own simply by seizing opportunities that came my way. I used social media very effectively. On my way I learned a valuable lesson – by being open and sharing your passion you are able to make huge changes in the world, changes that mean more than just profit and growth. People matter and business should recognize this.


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