Laura Berg is the President of My Smart Hands Inc, a company that teaches baby sign language and now boasts over 200 instructors worldwide. Her recently published book, The Baby Signing Bible (Avery/Penguin) has cemented her status as the go-to authority on Baby Sign Language.

Laura, a trained teacher, has spoken to audiences all over North America about how she was inspired to start her company so she could to stay home with her baby daughter and then watched in amazement as it morphed into a recognized brand worldwide. She’s still surprised at how quickly she was able to establish an international presence using YouTube and social media to showcase the program she created. Laura’s story delights, inspires and motivates . She’s a 21st. century everywoman who leveraged her personal expertise and the new media into a business so successful that she’s been compared to J.K. Rowling and Paula Dean.

Laura’s talks are hilarious, moving and inspirational and they transform audiences. Her charisma and compelling stories leave her listeners wanting more.


I had the pleasure of sharing a panel with Laura at a conference on viral video. I was struck by how well she related to people and more importantly, how the audience was captivated by her.  Shortly after that, I booked her for my State Of Now Conference in NYC. As I suspected, Laura’s energy and unique story charmed the audience. I would highly recommend Laura as a speaker-she is a charismatic and knowledgeable individual who will inspire and motivate your delegates.
Jeff Pulver
Producer of #140Conf

Laura is an engaging and energetic speaker that the audience is always entertained by. The first time I saw Laura speak I was amazed at the humor she injects into her talks. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the topics she presents and is able to take questions with ease. I have had Laura speak at more than one of my events and have always had glowing feedback on her sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any speaking engagement!
Donna-Marie Antoniadis
She’s Connected

Laura Berg is an inspiration to entrepreneurs with great strategies for promoting your services through multimedia marketing…. always approachable and fun, Laura is a great addition to any conference or business event where savvy business advice is required!
Leigh Mitchell, Founder and President, Her Community Inc.
Women in Biz

Laura Berg spoke at our Second Annual ‘Innovative Women’ Spring Brunch in March 2011. Laura is an amazing, dynamic and interesting speaker. She is very humorous and keeps the audience engaged throughout her delivery. The feedback from our 150 guests on Laura was absolutely outstanding! She was definitely one of the crowd favorites that spoke throughout the day. Her honesty about her business was inspiring and so beneficial to our entrepreneurial audience. We look forward to working with Laura again soon!
Carol McBee
WECAN – Women Entrepreneurs Connecting and Networking

Laura Berg is an excellent speaker, mostly because she speaks from the heart. She is kind, thoughtful and cares about people. I highly recommend her for your speaking event.
Diane Brogan

What inspired me most when I saw Laura speak at #140ConfNYC was her natural ability to connect with the audience, to make us feel and to keep us engaged. She’s a brilliant talent with a captivating and charming warmth. I trust she will delight many more audiences to come!
Tiffany LaBanca, NewsCorp

I’ve seen Laura speak on a number of occasions, and she is unwaveringly engaging. She captures and holds your attention the entire time, whether she is on a panel, or speaking on her own. She can take on dragons, get babies to “speak”, and mesmerize an audience. Whenever I see that Laura will be speaking at an event I’m attending, I know it will be time well-spent.
Jacki Yovanoff

I had the opportunity to experience the passionate and authentic voice from Laura first hand as she engaged a large audience in New York City in 2012. Laura is an engaging speaker who creates a spark of excitement within you and captivates your attention with stories from her own real life experiences. I’m also grateful to have shared one of my life’s most memorable moments with Laura when we connected with Deepak Chopra for a conversation like no other in New York to top it all off. Good things happen when Laura is close by.
Stephen Welton

I have had the pleasure to hear Laura Berg speak many times; both speaking as part of a panel and speaking on her own. An inspiring and charismatic speaker, Laura really engages her audience and captures their interest with her energy and the  passion she has for what she has built as an entrepreneur. I would highly recommend Laura as a speaker at an event.
Rossana Wyatt